Hung Pham

1840 Green Ridge Ct.

Carrollton, TX. 75007





Highly motivated professional with extensive team & management experience. Also very personable with a positive attitude. Willing to take risks and passionate about learning & growing as an artist to create high quality art for games.


Summary of Experience


  • Character Artist and Senior Artist for Paradigm Entertainment Studios (THQ) on unannounced 360/PS3 FPS
  • Senior Environment Artist for Paradigm Entertainment Studios (THQ) on unannounced FPS and :Stuntman: Ignition” (360/PS3)
  • Environment/Prop Artist for Paradigm Entertainment Studios (THQ) on “Stuntman: Ignition” (xbox 360)
  • Contract artist  at Gearbox Software on top 5 selling title “Brother In Arms”
  • 3D artist at Magnin & Associates producing games on the Nintendo DS
  • 3D artist on Half-Life 2 mod “Samurai Legends” at the Guildhall
  • 3D artist on Unreal Tournament 2004 mod “Caldera Runners” at the Guildhall
  • 3D artist on FAKK 2 mod “Red Wake” at the Guildhall

(Non gaming experience)

  • Asst. Director of Finance, DFW Lakes Hilton Hotel, oversaw staff of 15, including 2 managers




  • 3D Experience with Maya, 3DSMax, Mudbox, Zbrush 3.1, Eden Twilight game engine, Photoshop, Crazy Bump, Perforce, AlienBrian
  • Strong 2d fundamental skills
  • Lighting knowledge & experience with Mental Ray in Maya



  • The Guildhall at SMU – Video game development program, specialty art creation, July 2005
  • University of New Orleans – Bachelor of Science degree in Business Admin, minor in Marketing, May 1998




Paradigm Entertainment (THQ)                                                     Character Artist


  • Created High Poly next-gen characters for unannounced FPS
  • Duties included: modeling high poly characters in Zbrush 3.1, modeling lower poly characters in Maya 2008, texturing including diffuse, normal & spec map creation, Senior Artist responsibilities such as critique, planning providing 2d concepting, etc.


Paradigm Entertainment (THQ)                                                     Senior Artist


  • Created next-gen environments to prototype unannounced FPS
  • Duties included: concepting and creating visual keys, color palette for environments. Planning and task breakdown for environments. Worked with code to prototype, provide feedback & support engine tools such as lighting, rendering, shader work, etc. Modeling, texturing of environments. Lighting game environments.



Paradigm Entertainment (THQ)                                                     Environment Artist


  • Created next-gen environments for “Stuntman: Ignition”
  • Duties included: Planning and task breakdown of individual schedule. Modeling, texturing of environments. Lighting.




Magnin & Associates                                                                                                Artist


  • Created art content for Nintendo DS handheld casino game
  • Duties include: modeling low poly 3d characters & objects, texturing, etc.



Gearbox software                                                                                                      Artist


  • Worked at Grearbox as a contract artist on top 5 selling title “Brother in Arms”
  • Created level art assets which included walls, fences, telephone poles & other props
  • Duties include: modeling props, proxy, UV mapping, Etc.



Guildhall at Southern Methodist University                       Student Artist specialty


  • Developed majority of the art assets on a 2 man 2D game project “Samurai Blade” which included character design, animation & tillable textures
  • Member of a 9 man team which created an Unreal Tournament 2004 MOD project called “Caldera Runners”. Duties include concepting, modeling and skinning a character, weapons, etc. Also rigged character & imported into UR 2004 game.
  • Artist on a 12 man team creating a total conversion game celled “Red Wake” using the FAKK 2 engine
  • Artist on a 14 man team creating a mod “Samurai Legends” on Half-Life 2



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